Scan to BIM and 3D Modelling
Scan to BIM and 3D Modelling

Scan to BIM and 3D Modelling

Our scan to BIM service will provide you with a geometrically accurate 3D model, captured via laser scanning and modelled from a point cloud, that can be utilised and depended upon throughout your assets lifecycles.

Delivering value through scan to BIM

 Our expertise in surveying and laser scanning means we can provide an excellent scan to BIM service, arriving at a point cloud derived 3D model which can be trusted to act as a single source of truth for all project or asset stake holders.

Benefits of BIM:   

  • Easy creation of plans, sections and elevations from the BIM model
  • Creation of more accurate plans enabling more effective risk management in construction phases
  • Fewer construction errors and less material waste
  • Information being easy to locate, accurate, up to date and complete
  • More complete asset information will support more efficient asset management and strategy planning
  • Better programming

What we can offer

At EOS Geomatics, we understand the 3D model must be verifiable and accurate as it will act as the foundation for collaboration between many different trades and stakeholders further down the line.

We have experience of working on some of the largest BIM projects in Europe, involving the processing and QA of thousands of scans so we can reassure you that our scan to BIM services will be reliable, accurate and cost effective.

We produce our models from data captured via Laser scanning. Laser scanning is the ideal technology for BIM but one has to be aware that potential errors can easily be disguised, not realised until a long way down the project timeline. Your 3D model will only be as good as the registered point cloud from which it was extracted and so this is why competent surveyors with a strong attention to detail and a frequent system of checks are needed.


  • Precise 3D model for AEC and other construction applications in Revit and other software:
      • Mass model
      • Basic Structural model
      • Basic Architectural model
      • Detailed Architectural model
  • Photorealistic 3D models
  • Verticality analysis
  • 3D Digital Terrain Models (DTM) – (Triangular irregular network (TIN), grid model, string model) and associated outputs (Cross sections, long sections, volume, cut and fill)
  • Mesh surface model 
  • 3D Wireframe model
  • 3D topographical Surveys

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