Measured Building Surveys
Measured Building Surveys

Measured Building Surveys

A high-quality measured building survey is essential to effectively understand your building’s spatial characteristics. It provides you with accurate drawings and comprehensive information on your building’s internal and external structure.

EOS Geomatics provide clients across London and the home counties area with dependable and reliable Measured Building Surveys. We have 16 years experience in surveying all manor of residential properties, commercial units and government infrastructure.

We get things RIGHT and make every effort to deliver data that is accurate and well styled. We use technology that minimizes the potential for errors, and have the experience to spot errors when they are made.

What are measured building surveys used for?

Measured building surveys are essential for providing an architect with an accurate depiction of all structural and design elements of a building before any major development. They also allow any new construction or extension complies with necessary legal requirements or building regulations. They provide an architect with an accurate depiction of all structural and design elements of a building before any major development. They can be used for lease plans and safety analysis, such as fire plans, the list goes on.

They essentially communicate an existing building as it is via digital drawings which are dissected to provide sections, elevations and plans. Going into more detail; services layout, reflected ceiling plans, furniture or office lay out etc can also be requested as part of a measured survey.

How we can help

We have over 16 years experience in surveying and measuring buildings makes up a large part of our day to day work. We understand that the drawings need to effectively communicate the buildings plan and profile lay out at the correct scale. To carry out the surveys we will use laser scanning technology which picks up 2 millions xyz points a second. This allows us to extract the data you need from a point cloud; if your specifications change or you need information added to the drawing/model, we are able to extract this data without returning to site. 

It’s important to use an experienced surveyor when undertaking a measured building survey as any errors in the data processing are well hidden until it’s too late.

Our deliverables include the following

  • Revit Model with relevant 2d documentation
  • Floor Plans
  • Loft Plans
  • Roof Plans
  • Sections 
  • Elevations – Internal and external
  • Reflected Ceiling plan
  • Fitting out – Partitions, cupboards, fixed furniture, planters etc.
  • Services – WCs, sinks, toilets, radiators, IC’s etc
  • Areas and dimensions – IPMS 1 (Gross External Area), 2 (Gross Internal Area) and 3 (Net Internal Area) – Office or Residential


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