EOS Geomatics is a professional land survey company based in West London, we serve mainly London and the Home Counties but locations further afield can be accommodated.

We are a professional land survey company whose services, based on strong survey fundamentals,
embrace modern methods of data capture and offer a range of deliverables; from traditional
topographical surveys and setting out, to measured building surveys, laser scanning, 3D modelling and BIM.

Believing in a ‘right first-time approach’ all survey deliverables will go through rigorous QA checks in
order to maintain integrity. Geomatics today, while much more efficient, requires a strong attention
to detail to prevent errors creeping through or features being missed. Therefore, integrity and
knowledge of survey fundamentals are more important today than ever.

Having worked across a large number of different industries; setting out for the Olympic stadium to
laser scanning and providing floor remediation analysis in Paris and scanning/modelling some of the
most prestigious buildings in the UK we are well placed to tailor our services to a clients’ specific
requirements. We here at Eos Geomatics look forward to working with you on your projects.

Let us know what you require, and we will advise and discuss ways in best providing for you.


The services listed will be our main offerings, but we also have expertise in other areas. Get in touch to enquire and feel free to ask us any questions.


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