Measured Building Surveying 2023

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Measured Building Surveying 2023

When it comes to construction, renovation, or refurbishment projects, accurate and comprehensive building measurements are essential. Working with detailed and accurate drawings which show a building’s dimensions, layout and features, is crucial for design, planning, and execution of construction projects. This is where a measured building survey comes in.

What is a measured building survey?

A measured survey essentially captures the spatial, structural and architectural details of a building, both internally and externally. This information is then represented digitally via a CAD drawing which communicates to the end user the spatial characteristics of the building.

Typical detail captured would include: walls; doors; windows; columns; ceiling heights; floor levels and any other relevant detail. Detail to be captured will either be specified by the survey use case or the end user.

Why is it important to have a measured building survey done?

Measured building surveys are important because they can represent the building to a high degree of accuracy. This is crucial for design and planning purposes. Architects and engineers need to work from accurate information so structures and alterations fit within the existing buildings footprint.

An understanding of the existing building is also important when trying to gain planning permission and building regulatory approval for any alterations to be made.

Other uses include: Facility management, fire plan layouts, sale or acquisition of property and concluding right to lights issues.

What equipment is used to conduct a measured building survey?

For the most basic of surveys, nothing more than a tape, clipboard and pencil is needed. The tape can be upgraded to a disto laser for improved accuracy.

While cheap and effective, traditional techniques can be inaccurate and are prone to human error. Older buildings also often have tapered or curved walls which can be hard to represent.

At EOS Geomatics, we conduct the majority of our measured building surveys with  terrestrial laser scanners. This removes a lot of the human mistakes that come with the traditional methods and we capture all the detail no matter the use case. If a feature needs representing in the survey at a later date this can be added from the already captured point cloud.

How much does a measured survey cost?

This very much depends on the size of the property, the use case of the survey and the level of detail needed.

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